Photo Credit: Noe Todorovich 2014

President Obama visits 1776, UBELONG Office in Washington, DC


On Thursday July 3rd, President Barack Obama visited 1776, the social innovation incubator where UBELONG is based in the heart of Washington, DC. It was a visit that took everyone by surprise. “We were working here like any other morning when we were told the President was visiting in the next 30 minutes, so everything was very fast and exciting”, says Simon Gigli, currently interning at the UBELONG office in DC. by greeting entrepreneurs and expressing his support for social innovation. The patriotic name of our office space fit the timing of the visit. “We’re going into the 4th of July weekend and what more appropriate place to be than 1776”, said Obama.

President Obama’s visit followed the release of a positive jobs report. The President spoke about America’s ongoing recovery from the 2008 financial crisis, and the role of social entrepreneurs in this effort. “We’ve now seen almost 10 million jobs created over the course of the last 52 months. We have made enormous strides,” Obama said. The President emphasized the importance of overlooking political differences and thinking outside the box in seeking further change. He continued by thanking all social entrepreneurs at 1776 for “doing well by doing good”.

Following the visit, UBELONG Co-Founder Raul Roman expressed his gratitude: “UBELONG is an organization that could only be born in the United States, in a socially innovative city like DC. We appreciate the environment that 1776 provides for us to continue growing, and for Obama’s support. We’re honored by his visit.”

Thanks for stopping by, President Obama!