The Finest Team

UBELONG is made up of people driven to create the world’s best international volunteer trips. Their unmatched dedication, passion and talent is the reason why when you volunteer with UBELONG, you are in great hands.


“I decided to join UBELONG because the cost was affordable, the duration of the volunteering worked with my travel schedule and it is a safe and reputable company. I knew I was in good hands, I would be taken care of and I did not have anything to be afraid of.” – Jeevanthee Selvarajah, UBELONG Ecuador Volunteer from Canada – read her interview here.


UBELONG’s rise to become one of the leading responsible travel organizations in the United States, Europe and beyond is no accident. Every detail of our work, from large ones to the tiniest details that you may never notice but that are still critical to our success, is the product of caring, passionate and talented individuals working day-in and day-out to advance the UBELONG mission of bringing people together across borders to solve social challenges.

The quality of our team has a direct impact on your volunteer abroad experience with us. Putting people into the developing world and keeping them safe and comfortable, but also in positions to make a real social impact on local community projects, is not easy.

So, when you join a UBELONG program you know you have the brightest minds behind you. In fact, in our opinion, we don’t think there’s a finer team of professionals in the responsible travel space. Our Founder and Executive Principal, Cedric Hodgeman, is a Cornell University graduate with years of international development, education and travel experience. His laser focus on only bringing the very best people onto the UBELONG team has been a key reason UBELONG has completely revolutionized how people volunteer abroad by making it more affordable, flexible and accessible than it ever has been before.

During your volunteer experience with UBELONG you will come across dozens of people supporting you. They may include members of our local teams, for example cooks, drivers and housekeepers, as well as team members in our offices in Charleston, South Carolina, Cusco, Peru and/or Lisbon, Portugal.



Martina (far left), Head of Growth and Outreach, and Geovanna (center), Local Team Leader in Quito, Ecuador, with a group of UBELONG Volunteers 🙂


They are an incredibly diverse group of people, but they are all linked by an insatiable desire to wake up in the morning, do their best and leave a positive mark on the world.

We look forward to meeting you!