Great Reviews

The vast majority of the thousands who volunteer with UBELONG think we’re doing a great job. This means the world to us. Plus, all our reviews are real.


“It was one of the best life changing and personal growth experiences ever; I am a better man because of this program.” – Fabian Martinez, UBELONG Vietnam Volunteer from the United States – read his interview here.


Over 5,000 people have applied to join UBELONG programs, and every year we continue growing and growing. The overwhelming majority of UBELONG Volunteers have excellent experiences. Read UBELONG reviews on our website, or on Google and Facebook.

They love the affordability and flexibility UBELONG offers, as well as the world-class support we are known for. UBELONG Volunteers also love that UBELONG does not do “voluntourism” – volunteering abroad with UBELONG is challenging, eye-opening and real, which is exactly how international volunteering should be.

We hear every day from UBELONG Volunteers that their experience with UBELONG exceeded their expectations and proved to be tremendously impactful, rewarding and, for many, life-changing. Don’t just take our word for it, read a few of our volunteer reviews here.


Real reviews – and no shady deals

It’s sad we need to bring this up, but unfortunately there are “voluntourism” organizations, which we believe are nothing more than corporations that put profits above all else, that have flooded the market in recent years. Some are even backed by private equity firms, which are investment companies driven largely to maximize profits.

In addition to pumping millions of dollars into online advertising so that the only results you see when you Google “volunteer abroad” is their name and how they are the “biggest” and “best”, these corporations have also taken to fake reviews.

Some of these corporations allegedly own their own review sites, which they try to pass on as independent. Others share business interests and/or ownership with aggregator sites that bring together volunteer travel opportunities into one site and then try to claim they present “real reviews.” We believe this is deeply wrong, and as a social organization committed to accountability and transparency, we reject it.

We do not own any reviews sites, nor do we have ownership and/or financial relationships with any aggregator sites. All our reviews are either on our website and accompanied by the person’s name and picture, or on Google and Facebook, which, while not perfect, are much more difficult to fake. You can also browse the hundreds of text and videos interviews we have had with past UBELONG Volunteers.

Integrity above all else. That’s what we believe.