Who We Are

Immersive Trips for Intentional Travelers.

Ubelong Trips is based in the United States and has been offering cultural, language and volunteer travel opportunities for individuals and groups to Africa, Asia and Latin America since 2009!

We have helped thousands of people, both individually and in groups, learn languages, study the histories of the countries and people they visit and donate their time and energy to making a difference in worthy causes.¬† Whether you’re learning a new language or practicing locally one you already know, learning about indigenous peoples or working to better lives in a village school, we can help you arrange and coordinate your trip.

We work hard to keep our programs affordable while maintaining a high level of support. From the planning stages of your trip to the minute your plane lands on the way back home, Ubelong Trips is by your side!


Our Mission

To help plan immersive, impactful trips abroad while making a positive difference in lives.

We Believe…

What divides people is no match for what unites us Рour humanity. Human collaboration can change the world for the better. Traveling abroad with Ubelong Trips brings people together across borders to create meaningful human relationships, dispel stereotypes, and support advancement in key social and environmental areas.