Who We Are

Immersive Trips for Intentional Travelers.

Ubelong Trips is based in the United States and offers customized travel opportunities for groups in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Ubelong Trips keeps their programs affordable while maintaining a high level of support. From the planning stages of your trip to the minute your plane lands on the way back home, Ubelong Trips is by your side helping you with logistics, team organization, fundraising, curriculum tie-ins, and much more.

Our Mission

To offer groups the most meaningful trips of their lives while sharing ideas and friendships which make a lasting impact on those they meet and serve.

We Believe…

What divides people is no match for what unites us – our humanity. Human collaboration can change the world for the better. Traveling abroad with Ubelong Trips brings people together across borders to create meaningful human relationships,┬ádispel stereotypes, and support advancement in key social and environmental areas.