“Embrace the culture!”


UBELONG Snapshot
Name: Thomas Gordon III
Age: 21
Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky
Nationality: United States
University: University of Louisville
Degree: Pan-African Studies
Languages spoken: English and Spanish (beginner)
Past travel experience: Newbie
Volunteer Abroad: Caring for Disadvantaged Youth and Light Painting and Renovation in Cartago, Costa Rica
Duration: 1 week
Start month: December 2014
Claim to fame: Thomas joined his team to renovate multiple areas of the caregiving center they volunteered in. Thank you!

Why did you decide to become a UBELONG Volunteer?
I wanted to travel and help others. I had never been out the country before, so I found this to be a great opportunity to do both.

What was your impact on your volunteer project?
I do not think I made a huge impact with the children directly at our service site because we did not interact with them a lot, but the impact I believe we made was helping out in the work load the adults had. We painted some building that were vacant and being prepared for the children. I believe we saved a lot of money and time.

What advice would you tell a future volunteer?
Embrace the culture, America is nothing like other places and the stereotypes and biases you are bombarded with in America have no warrants anywhere but in America. Go with an open mind and learn something new about a different culture.

Tell me about somebody you met who impressed you?
The local team who organized our service site impressed me the most. I want to be able to do something to help my community when I get out of college. They are a great example of the work and time it takes to actually do meaningful service in your community.

In a sentence or less, what did you think about the food?
Love it!!!

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