“A kind heart with good intentions translates universally between languages.”


UBELONG Snapshot
Name: Chloe Musick
Age: 19
Hometown: McArthur, Ohio
Nationality: United States
University: Ohio University
Languages spoken: English and Spanish (intermediate)
Past travel experience: Newbie
Volunteer Abroad: Assisting at a sports center in Cusco, Peru
Duration: 8 weeks
Start month: June 2014
Claim to fame: Volunteered with many camp-like programs in which she taught elementary students how to eat healthy and have an active lifestyle.

Why did you decide to become a UBELONG Volunteer?
Initially I planned on volunteering with a different, larger organization, but I discovered UBELONG. The organization seemed to be much smaller, and I thought I would get more one-on-one attention throughout my volunteering experience. I was emailed by my UBELONG mentor about a day after I applied. She was kind and answered all of my questions. Additionally, she was timely with her responses. I instantly knew that I would get the personal attention I needed throughout my experience. Within an hour, after that email, I re-planned my entire trip to Peru.

What is your favorite memory?
Every morning when I walked into my classroom, I would barely creak the door open before I heard all 19 of my four-year-old students saying “Buenos días, Profe Chloe!” in unison. Then when I fully entered the room, they would all race to me and give me hugs and fight over who could hold my hand. I was fortunate enough to be greeted by a giant group hug every morning and it is one of my fondest memories from my time in the field.

What did you take from the experience?
You can make a difference in a community despite a language barrier. A kind heart with good intentions translates universally between languages.

In a sentence or less, best packing advice?
Check the weather in that area before you go!

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