Microsoft employees volunteer with UBELONG in Portugal


In addition to offering volunteer trips, UBELONG can work with you to customize trips with a social mission. If you’re interested in creating a trip like the one presented below, contact us and let’s talk!

Today, 39 Microsoft employees joined UBELONG in Lisbon, Portugal for a three-hour program across Lisbon’s Food Bank and EntreAjuda, a nonprofit that collects office materials like computers, desks and chairs and donates them to Portuguese charities.

The program was designed from the ground-up by UBELONG to meet Microsoft’s overall talent development and community service goals. It featured three components:

  • Community service: The employees volunteered alongside local volunteers to help sort cans, vegetables and other donated food items that will be sent to nonprofits throughout Portugal that help poor communities.
  • Team building: The employees, who came from various Microsoft offices across Europe and included citizens of Italy, Spain, Sweden, England, Ireland and the Netherlands, went through the program together. As UBELONG Program Officer Martina Kaser notes: “Volunteering as a team helps create an enormous amount of group cohesion – people are on their feet working together, and they feel good about sharing the common purpose of doing good.”
  • Learning: Diogo Morais, UBELONG’s Local Team Leader in Portugal, led a discussion about the Food Bank and its role in fighting poverty and food waste in Portugal. He also dove deeply into the Portuguese economy and society, as well as the country’s growing technology sector.

The impact of the team’s success included an enormous amount of cultural exchange and learning about social issues in Portugal and throughout Europe, as well as these tangible measures:

  • The team labeled 5,840 cans of milk to make them ready for distribution to charities and nonprofits throughout Portugal.
  •  The team sorted 3.5 tons of donated fruit – a big part of the Lisbon’s Food Bank is to promote a healthy and balanced diet.

The program was a success, and as UBELONG Executive Principal, Cedric Hodgeman, notes: “Through our work with companies we are looking to engage great companies like Microsoft to help make a positive social impact throughout the world and in the process to drive their bottom lines forward by developing the talent and leadership of their employees.”

Meet the Microsoft team and see them in action in this video we put together!

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