Senior Director of Strategic Sales at Microsoft volunteers in Portugal with UBELONG


UBELONG Snapshot
Name: Mascha Driessen
Nationality: Netherlands
Occupation: Regional Senior Director of Strategic Sales at Microsoft
Company Programs: Portugal: Half day Food Bank Volunteering
Trip date: October 4, 2017

Why did you join this UBELONG volunteer trip?
It was an excellent opportunity to give something back to society while coming together as a team. And more specific in this activity, our contribution has a direct impact on the people in Portugal who need it, since distribution of the sorted and labeled food happened right after we were finished. I also wanted to learn to see how I can contribute to scaling this.

What was the impact of the team?
The direct impact has been that many hands came together to make a real difference: we prepared for distribution 5,840 cans of milk and 3.5 tons of fruit. But more important to me is that with this, we hope to inspire our 125.000 colleagues around the world to also take an initiative like we have done, in their own location. It only took us a couple of hours from a 3 days team offsite to have this impact. As I said, many hands make a difference, so my hope is that many more Microsoft teams from around the world do this.

How did you benefit from this trip?
It has been such a good feeling to be able to make a difference together with the colleagues we work with daily. Even though it was just a couple of hours, and our help only contributed just a bit to what UBELONG is doing, we did make a difference. It opened up our eyes on how easy it is to contribute and help others.

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