Joss Stone joins UBELONG Volunteers in Quito, Ecuador


Last month we were thrilled to welcome Grammy and Britt award winner Joss Stone at the UBELONG project in Quito, Ecuador.

She joined UBELONG Volunteers in leading workshops for 22 disadvantaged local middle and high school students.

The first workshop was about the importance of recycling everyday items like plastic bottles and aluminum cans. Everybody used recyclable materials to craft an item related to conservation. The items we built were:

• Penguins to teach about global warming and the melting polar ice caps,
• Windmills to enforce the importance of clean energy,
• Trees to remind everybody that plants keep the air clean,
• Cars to show that driving and burning fuel is not environmentally friendly.

Then, Joss led a singing class. She taught vocal warm-up exercises, and then took everybody through lines of her hit song, “Super Duper Love”. By the end of the class we somehow all ended up on our feet dancing and laughing. It was an awesome day.

We are thankful to Joss for helping with the workshops and using her platform as a global star to elevate our work. As UBELONG Co-Founder Cedric Hodgeman adds: “Joss is a big star who is incredibly busy on her world tour. That she took a day to join UBELONG speaks volumes about her – Joss is a terrific artist and, even more importantly, a wonderfully caring, loving and giving person. Plus, on a personal note, I found her to be incredibly pleasant, down to earth and genuine – it was also a fun day hanging out with a very cool person. We’re so thankful to Joss and wish her all the best.”

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Visit Joss Stone’s Facebook page to see pictures of the event.