The impact of UBELONG Volunteers in the Galapagos


The word “impact” gets thrown around a lot in the international volunteering world.

Professionals in places like the World Bank and United Nations like to throw the word around alongside glossy pie charts and fancy Powerpoint presentations. Self-proclaimed “authorities” in the blogging world also like to chime in on the impact of international volunteers, never mind that most of them spend the vast majority of their lives behind computer screens.

At UBELONG we know what it means to come from the Ivory Tower – our team has Ivy League roots and we’ve very much been around the block with some of the world’s most important international development organizations. Plus, let’s face it, UBELONG was launched in Washington, DC, the global center of international development.

However, we have our feet on the ground – when we talk about impact we talk about it from the ground up. We can talk statistics, frameworks and theories all day long but, more importantly, when we talk about impact it’s based on our actually being there on the ground 24/7, 365 days a year.

So here we present you with a quick video featuring UBELONG Co-Founder Cedric Hodgeman and UBELONG Galapagos Local Team Leader Cesar Aulestia. They’re talking about the impact of UBELONG Volunteers in the Galapagos Islands, where they have served since 2009.


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