UBELONG’s Cedric Hodgeman posts in the Huffington Post


Our Founder Cedric Hodgeman recently wrote an article for Huffington Post, providing some insight on how to engage ordinary people in social change. UBELONG was selected among 200 leading organizations in the US to be part of the Civic Accelerator, a pioneering initiative for high-impact civic ventures. The program is hosted by Points of Light and Village Capital, and sponsored by Starbucks and Pricewaterhouse Coopers.

The main reasons for UBELONG’s success are its mission and principles, which make it the leading international volunteering and learning organization in the world. Our grassroots projects are driven by locally identifies needs, so that both UBELONGers and locals can see and feel the impact of their collaboration and engagement. Also, we believe it is possible to mobilize people of all backgrounds who are willing to step out of their comfort zones, and provide them with inspiring volunteering experiences that are both affordable and flexible.

Over the last three years UBELONG has brought thousands of people together, increased awareness of international development issues, and made an impact every single day.

Read Cedric’s article on the Huffington Post.