“Volunteering abroad was the best experience in my life! “


UBELONG Snapshot
Name: Bruna Amaral
Age: 30
Hometown: Sao Paulo
Nationality: Brazil
University: Universidade Anhembi Morumbi
Degree: Tourism
Occupation: Marketing Coordinator
Languages spoken: Portuguese, English (fluent) and Spanish (fluent)
Past travel experience: Avid
Volunteer Abroad: Assisting at an after-school center in Delhi, India
Duration: 3 weeks
Start month: December 2014
Claim to fame: Bruna is passionate about travelling, and prior to becoming a UBELONG Volunteer she volunteered within her community in Brazil. Great work Bruna, we’re thrilled to have you in the UBELONG Family.

Why did you decide to become a UBELONG Volunteer?
I’m a travelling person, I love being abroad and learn about the different kind of culture. And most importantly I believe we can all help others have a better life. I’ve tried in my life to help people, not by giving them food, but by giving to them ways to grow as an individuals. So that´s why I decided to become a UBELONGer.

What was your impact on your volunteer project?
I worked in a project as a English teacher. I was in charge of 20 little kids from 3 to 7 years old and I had never being a teacher in my live, but as soon as I saw that faces I knew exactly what to do. We connected at the very first moment. They were expecting to learn something from me but they have no idea how much they taught me. We spent 3 weeks together and I have tried to get the words to write my experience down but there are no word that describe that moments.

At my first day the classroom floor was full of papers. I asked them why weren’t they using the bin and they didn’t realize they should use a properly place to put the trash. They were so used to doing it that way.

I explained to them and before our first week finish they were using the bin and happy to do that. They knew why the bin was there but no one was encouraging them to use and explain why to use.

Our last day together was a party day! I prepared to them a little party with balloons and some snacks, and that day was special to us. They had such a good time and they couldn’t believe that “party” was for them.

What did you take from the experience?
Volunteer abroad was the best experience in my life! I’m a better person after that. I learned not just about volunteering, I have learned about life, Indian people and culture, tolerance, not to judge others and many other things. While I was there I read a sentence on a calendar page and that represents my whole experience: “If you want to be truly happy, live for others”.

What advice would you give to a future volunteer?
Keep your mind and heart opened and be prepared. You are going to experience the best days of your life.

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