An ABN AMRO executive with one of the children at the disabilities project in Hanoi, Vietnam

ABN AMRO employees volunteer in Vietnam with UBELONG


In addition to offering volunteer trips, UBELONG can work with you to customize trips with a social mission. If you’re interested in creating a trip like the one presented below, contact us and let’s talk!

This month, a team of sixteen ABN AMRO employees based in Asia volunteered in Vietnam with UBELONG. ABN AMRO is a Dutch bank headquartered in Amsterdam. It is one of Europe’s top banks. The ABN AMRO team joined for a one day corporate volunteering experience that was part of their team building trip to Hanoi. The team worked at a small daycare in Hanoi that provides emotional and physical support for children and young adults with disabilities.

UBELONG worked closely with ABN AMRO’s human resources department to create a one day program that met their requirements, which were to make a real impact on the local community and to come together as a team.

**Impact: The team renovated the daycare, which included repainting and drawing children’s murals on the walls of the classrooms; renovating the center’s playground; cleaning the classrooms; and doing gardening work, such as planting vegetables that are then used to prepare the children’s meals at the center. The ABA AMRO team also had the opportunity to connect on a one-on-one basis with the children at the center to organize games and sing-a-longs.

Many of the games donated to the center came from ABN AMRO – these included games like puzzles, cards and building blocks. As one of the caretakers at the project observed: “The group was great! They were friendly and warm-hearted people, and not only did they make an impact on the center but I think it was a very different and unique experience that the children loved.”

Also, Robine Hartman, an Analyst at ABN AMRO and te group leader, said: “We really love the center. The children are very sweet. The local team is terrific. They are very helpful, kind and accommodating. There is also a lot of work to be done, so we are thankful we could do so much in a short period of time”.

The team’s volunteer work directly impacted the ninety-two children that are currently at the daycare. Not only did they refurbish the center where the children spend their days playing and learning, but the ABN AMRO team also made donations, for example of wooden toys, puzzles, notebooks, and pencils that the children can use.

**Team building: This team of individuals from different nationalities, including China, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, UK and Singapore, came from various ABN AMRO offices across Asia. They worked together to overcome the obstacles of doing something completely different from what they do on a daily basis.

As Program Officer Barbara Barbosa notes: “The team was a bit apprehensive before their volunteering day because they had no experience in renovation or caring for children with disabilities. However, they were able to quickly overcome this by working together as a team and bringing out the best in each other. This is exactly what UBELONG is all about: getting people together, developing leadership skills and pushing people out of their comfort zone to make an impact.”

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