To complement the humanitarian impact UBELONG makes through our offering of international volunteer trips, in 2017 we launched the UBELONG Shop, a clothing store inspired by travel. 10% of the Shop’s profits are donated to the projects where UBELONG Volunteers serve. All the clothing is made ethically in the United States. 


What can you get at the UBELONG Shop?
The UBELONG Shop sells shirts, bracelets, water bottles, hats and other items that are inspired by travel. Some of the clothing offers the distinctive UBELONG logo, which is always a favorite.

Wear the clothing on the road, or whenever you just want to look great, be comfortable and make a statement.

Visit the UBELONG Shop website and shop the collections.


Who can shop the UBELONG Shop?

Many UBELONG Volunteers shop there before their trip to get clothing and gear, for example hats and shirts with the UBELONG logo. Plus, as an added bonus, all UBELONG Volunteers get 25% off at the store.

With that said, anybody can shop at the UBELONG Shop. Many parents of UBELONG Volunteer buy a shirt or bracelet for themselves as another way of showing support for their child’s volunteer trip.

And, there are some people who just want to buy great clothing that is responsibly made, and so they shop at the UBELONG Shop.


How does the UBELONG Shop give back?
10% of the Shop’s profits go to the hospitals, schools and other projects where UBELONG Volunteers serve. Visit the UBELONG Shop site and learn more about its charitable efforts.

Additionally, all the clothing is made in the United States by people who are paid fairly and work in good, dignified conditions. Visit the UBELONG Shop site and learn more about where the clothing comes from.



Great, comfortable looking shirts that help further the UBELONG humanitarian mission. Support us, get your shirt today!