Internship Abroad: Hanoi, Vietnam


Internship Abroad in Hanoi, Vietnam


About the Location

Hanoi is a very popular location for high school groups. Hanoi is Vietnam’s bustling capital city, yet it still maintains a traditional and more mellow vibe compared to other Asian cities like Bangkok or Ho Chi Minh City.

Volunteers in Hanoi have many opportunities to serve on a grassroots level tackling challenges related to children’s education and urban poverty. They can live in a welcoming hostel, which is located in the center of town.

Hanoi has all the amenities of a big city and offers an incredible array of activities, including art shows, great restaurants, museums and countless opportunities to walk around and experience Vietnamese culture at its finest.




What do volunteers do?

Volunteers work in centers and orphanages for children with a range of mental and physical disabilities. Some of the children have autism, cerebral palsy or Down’s syndrome, while others suffer from birth defects related to Agent Orange exposure. Volunteers work four to five hours a day and assist the local staff in feeding the children, helping them during their therapy exercises and leading activities like painting, planting organic gardens and playing sports. Depending on local need, there may also be some adults with disabilities at the project whom volunteers can work with too.

Requirements to participate:

-The energy to keep children stimulated.
-A very caring and open attitude.
-Education and/or professional experience in a caregiving-related field is not required.



What do volunteers do?

Volunteers teach basic to advanced level English to students aged 5 to 17 and, depending on local need, volunteers may also teach students and teachers at local universities. They volunteer four to six hours a day, which includes time in the classroom and preparation time out of the classroom. Volunteers partake in all of the daily school activities, including lesson planning and classroom instruction. Volunteers typically teach with a local teacher, but in certain resource-poor schools volunteers may teach alone or with other volunteers and prepare their lesson plans every day.

Requirements to participate:

-At least an advanced level of English.
-The creativity and initiative to lead classes with limited resources.
-Teaching experience and/or certifications are not required.

High school students working in light painting and renovation.