Individual Volunteers

Volunteering Abroad for Individuals

If you want to immerse yourself in a community abroad and volunteer alongside locals to make a lasting impact, then becoming a UBELONG Volunteer is right for you. UBELONG opportunities are highly affordable and rooted in safety, support and impact.

Who Volunteers With UBELONG?

UBELONG Volunteers come from across the world and from every type of background, and about half travel buy themselves. Whether you’re taking time off between job transitions, want something impactful to do for the summer or just feel the need to serve something bigger than yourself, UBELONG trips are for you! The one thing all UBELONG volunteers share is a passion to discover the world, connect with new people and make a difference.

How It Works

UBELONG offers individual trips in a variety of locations around the world.  From teaching English to light painting and renovation projects, there are many ways in which university groups can meet the needs of others.  Our trips include pre-departure preparation, lodging, meals, transportation from and to the airport, educational activities and weekend trips. We have team leaders at every location to provide safety and oversight to our projects.

Where We Serve