Individual Trips

Cultural, Language and Volunteering Trips

Ubelong Trips offers cultural, language and volunteer trips abroad for those who want to be involved in a community in an intentional and personal way.  We offer trips from 2 – 8 weeks to a variety of countries with amazing cultures and people.  

Who Travels Abroad with Ubelong Trips?

Individuals come from across the world and from every type of background.  Whether you’re taking time off between job transitions, want something impactful to do for the summer, want to “learn the language, live the language” or just want to change lives for the better,  Ubelong Trips are for you! The one thing all Ubelong Trips participants share is a passion to discover the world, connect with new people and make a difference. Join us today for the trip of a lifetime!

How It Works

Ubelong Trips offers individual trips in a variety of locations around the world.  Whether you are participating in a language immersion trip, want to learn in-depth about the local culture or volunteer in a local project,  there are many ways in which you can meet the needs of others.  Our trips include pre-departure preparation, lodging, some meals, transportation from the airport, and in-country support staff. We have team leaders at every location to provide oversight to our projects.

Available Locations