High School Program: Merida, Mexico


High School Groups in Merida, Mexico


About the Location

Merida is a safe and beautiful city located on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. The nearby beaches and Mayan ruins make it a great choice for high school groups.

Merida’s strong recent growth mirrors that of the rest of the country and has brought improvements in areas like education and health. However, Merida reflects Mexico’s significant gap between the rich and poor. Serious poverty exists and chances to advance are limited for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. The caregiving and light painting and renovation projects in Mexico are hands on, dynamic and perfect for groups looking to make a lasting change.


High School Groups in the Merida

  • Volunteer in caregiving and light painting and renovation projects – service learning trips that make a real impact on high school students and local communities
  • Join an Intercultural Training and learn more about Mexican culture – an educational component during your trip
  • Visit Chichen Itza on the weekend – rest and explore
  • Live in a comfortable and welcoming volunteer house – the perfect housing for an immersive experience
  • Your trip can start any Sunday of the year – you have total flexibility in planning your trip
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner – enjoy delicious, traditional Mexican cuisine
  • Your group will have its very own UBELONG Group Specialist to guide you through the whole process – world-class training and support
  • You can rest easy knowing that you have 24/7 in-country support from caring, talented professionals – comfort and safety
  • Thousands of volunteers have joined UBELONG, a US-based organization, in making a difference in the world – peace of mind


UBELONGer at her project in Merida, Mexico.



$900 for 8 days

  • Airport Pickup
  • Orientation Program
  • 7 nights lodging
  • Breakfast and lunch included
  • 5 dinners with host family or in a local restaurant
  • 2 Free-night dinners at local eating establishments
  • Educational aspect with curriculum and local teacher
  • Weekend excursion to Chichen Itza
  • Transportation to/from the projects
  • 24/7 support of local UBELONG Team
  • Return trip to the airport

*Please note that UBELONG does not arrange airline travel and airfare is not included in the above per person cost

Alternative weekend trips: