High School Program: Galapagos, Ecuador


High School Groups in the Galapagos, Ecuador


About the Location

The Galapagos Islands are a great fit for high schools looking for a more physical experience in a beautiful setting. The environmental projects there involve a wide range of conservation activities including removing foreign plants, especially blackberry, or “mora”, by hand and with machetes, collecting seeds, helping in local greenhouses and participating in community and/or government initiatives that reach out to local farmers, particularly coffee and organic vegetable growers. Volunteers may also partake in reserve tasks like basic construction and trail maintenance.  The Galapagos also affords a wide range of outdoor activities including hiking, snorkeling, boating and scuba diving.

High School groups stay in a rustic environmental reserve on San Cristobal Island – it can be a big step outside of peoples’ comfort zones and groups visiting the Galapagos should be aware that creature comforts may not be what one is used to.  It does provide, however, a wonderful opportunity to stretch the comfort zones and in a beautiful setting.