Cape Town, South Africa


Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is a Volunteer Trips location and all students and leaders will participate in meaningful service activities in this location.

Cape Town is the second-most populous city in South Africa. It is an exciting city that is beautifully located in Table Bay. It is surrounded by beautiful Table Mountain and steep cliffs that extend into the ocean. Its beaches are world renown and, along with the Mediterranean climate, help make Cape Town one of Africa’s most popular tourist destinations. Its rich history also gives the city depth. The influence of its many settlers, including the French, Dutch, British and German, as well as local tribes such as the Bantu and Bushman, can still be felt.

However, serious social problems and poverty persist in Cape Town. Racial tensions continue, and unemployment and wealth disparity are serious. Many poor children are especially vulnerable to malnutrition, neglect and violence. The opportunities for them to break the poverty cycle are limited. In Cape Town your students will have the finest international volunteering opportunities available to you, including teaching English, caring for children and working in an NGO.


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