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Here are some answers to our volunteers' most frequently asked questions -

It depends on the country you’re going to and your citizenship. From our homepage, go to the specific destination page that you want to join, click the “FAQ” tab and scroll down to the visa question. There we provide location specific information. If we don’t answer your question there, go to the website of the embassy of the country you’re going to that is in your country of citizenship. So, for example, if you’re a US citizen and want to know visa requirements to go to Cambodia, go to the website of the Cambodia Embassy in the US. Once you apply and are accepted into a UBELONG program we will provide you with much more visa information, including any documentation you may require from UBELONG to get a visa.  

Our volunteers enjoy some of the most affordable trips available.  Each location and duration will have it’s own unique price.  The best way to see the price of your location is to go to our home page to navigate to a particular location.

From there you can look under the pricing information and see what your location and duration costs.

Once a volunteer submits an application and has made sure that he or she knows the day of the week that their desired project starts, we will check with our partners in the field to be sure that there are spots available for a new volunteer.  We will then notify the volunteer if they are able to join or if they need to choose different dates or a different project.


We offer over 100 projects across Asia, Latin America, and Africa.  You can begin your research by browsing the volunteer projects, You can search by country or activity and see if anything is a good fit for your interests and skills.  You may want to use existing skills that you already possess or you may want to extend yourself out of your comfort zone and try something new!  

You should apply as soon as you know your dates.  Most UBELONGers apply three to six months before their start date but some make a quicker decision and work more quickly through the process. Again, the earlier you apply the better, but only apply when you’re 100% ready to commit.

Both our project durations and the start dates are fixed by the programs in the country they are located.  It is not possible to change them as they are set for specifics reasons.  Please be sure that you know the minimum time commitment and the day of the week the projects start and that these work for you before you apply. 


The project minimum requirements are set by the projects in the field.  Our goal is to make volunteering fun and meaningful and minimum language and/or education requirements are necessary to adequately ensure that the volunteers are prepared for their duties and the needs of those being served are met.  Please be sure that you have read and understand the minimum requirements and that you qualify before you submit your application.

The first step in researching specific projects is to go to our homepage to navigate to a particular location. Specific projects will be assigned to volunteers based on a number of factors and usually will not be decided until a week or two before departure.  This ensures that those organizations that have the highest need at any given time will be assigned appropriate volunteers.  Since we work with many charitable organizations in any location, our team leaders will know the best fit and the greatest need.

Yes. The US$295 reservation fee and program fee are two separate fees. The reservation fee, which is always US$295, is due immediately upon being accepted into one of our Volunteer Abroad programs. The program fee, which varies depending on where you travel and for how long, is either:

  • Due right away (together with the reservation fee of US$295) if your start date is less than 90 days away,


  • If you’re more than 90 days away from your start date, then your program fee is not due until you get to 90 days from your start date.

All this is also laid out in our how to apply section.

Every location is different and there are usually other volunteers in the field at the same time.  Due to seasonal fluctuations, it is hard to predict how many people will be in any given location at one time. 

Yes, and you’re welcome to submit your application before you turn 18 years old. You’ll follow the same process as all applicants to the Volunteer Abroad program, which you can see by visiting our how to apply page, except that we will also need your parents/legal guardians to:
  • Review and sign a guardianship letter stating their understanding that you are applying to volunteer with UBELONG.
  • Review and sign our Liability Waiver and Code of Conduct on your behalf.
We are here to help should you have any questions during the process!
There is no age limit to volunteer abroad with UBELONG. Our oldest volunteer to date was 81 years old! We also have many mid-career professionals who join us, as well as retirees and families. As long as you are healthy, humble and ready to work hard, we’d love to have you apply to volunteer with UBELONG.


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