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Trusted by thousands every year, UBELONG is the leading organization for people seeking affordable, safe and high-impact volunteering opportunities abroad.

UBELONG is based in the United States and offers projects ranging from 1 week to 6 months throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America.

We Believe... What divides people is no match for what unites us—our humanity.

Human collaboration can change the world for the better.

International volunteering, when done correctly, can bring people together across borders to dispel stereotypes, create meaningful human relationships, and encourage the sharing of energy and talent to tackle some of our generation's most pressing global challenges.

Our Mission

To help people volunteer abroad so they can share their hearts and make a positive, lasting impact on the most critical social and environmental challenges experienced in the world today.

Our Values


We understand people know what is best for their own communities. Our programs address issues that have been identified by local communities as opportunities to engage people in meaningful action.

Impact Through Sharing

We believe that the energy, ideas and skills that people share with each other, across borders and face to face, can support advancement in key areas such as conservation, education and health.

Opportunities For All

We embrace diversity. We offer a variety of programs that ensure that everyone regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, nationality or skill, can find an opportunity to make a difference.

Personal Growth

We believe that traveling with UBELONG is as much about engaging in meaningful work as it is about building self-confidence, shaping leadership skills and making lifelong friends.


We recognize that the best way to understand global issues is by traveling, serving, and gaining firsthand experience. Our programs emphasize immersion and experiential learning.

People To People

People learn from each other through direct human exchange. We offer programs that instill a strong sense of shared humanity and global citizenship.

"I was no longer a tourist, but a volunteer having an impact on real lives."Bill Mulligan, University of Wisconsin-Madison student, Volunteer Abroad in Peru



UBELONG is made up of an international team of great people spread across five continents.

UBELONG, was started in 2009 by Cedric Hodgeman, a student at Cornell University. We began working in Asia and Latin America in 2010 and two years later we established programs in Africa. In 2015, we added our Latin American office in Cusco, Peru. In 2018 we moved our US offices from Washington DC to Washington State with offices in Connecticut and Lisbon, Portugal.


The name UBELONG is a call for action. It reflects the values of our organization. UBELONG is the simplification of a simple but powerful statement: “you belong”.

When we say “you belong” we are talking to the thousands of people who yearn to make a difference abroad.

Also, when we say “you belong” we are talking to the people who live in the communities across the world where we work. Through our programs, we seek to strengthen a sense of social inclusion in these communities, a sense of global belonging.

"The people we met inspired us, welcomed us, and allowed my students to learn and serve in a truly authentic classroom."Katie Hluchyj, Hartford High School teacher, High School Abroad in Laos



Whether you are looking to volunteer abroad for the first time or are a corporate professional with years of experience, we have a program for you.


We are a social organization. Everything we do is rooted in making a positive difference in you, the local communities you visit and the world. We empower you to take concrete, measurable steps towards positive global change, while giving you the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and grow.


Our team consists of recognized professionals at the top of their field. Our learning and volunteering programs are built on practical knowledge gained through years of international experience and our team’s extensive background. We also rely on our deep relationships cultivated around the world with a wide range of professionals.


We believe that learning and volunteering abroad should be accessible to people of all backgrounds. A fundamental part of our mission is to offer the highest quality experiences at the lowest possible cost.


Our most important asset is our people—our employees, partners in the field, hosting communities, the range of individuals and corporations that work with us, and you. When you join a UBELONG program you become part of an exciting global community linked together by an insatiable desire to discover new horizons and make a positive impact on the world.

"It was an excellent opportunity to give something back to society while coming together as a team."Mascha Driessen, Microsoft Sr. Director, Company Programs in Portugal

Executive Team

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    Barbara Barbosa

    Vice President of Operations

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  • tammy-van-dyke-president-ubelong

    Tammy Van Dyke


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  • 4,200,000 hours

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    by our participants

  • 12 countries

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    has programs

  • 47 On our team

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  • 200,000 miles

    our team flies each year
    (over 8 times around
    the world)

  • 26 Cups of Coffee

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    more tea drinkers)

You Belong

  • Bea Matthews

    Meet UBELONG Volunteers like Bea, who served for three months assisting in nutrition education in disadvantaged communities of Ghana.

  • Doug Anton

    Meet High School Abroad participants like Doug, a high school teacher from Vermont. He led students and teachers to Thailand and Laos.

  • Grayce Belvedere

    Meet Company Programs UBELONGers like Grayce, an executive who led her consulting firm to the Galapagos Islands.